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our story

Look at our journey and how far we have come


This is Lil Reggie when he was younger helping a homeless man. Years later, his nephew came to our tent and mentioned that the man in this picture was his uncle and doing better

It all started around seven years old when a young African American male would go with his dad to evangelize the streets and witness to at risk youth, prostitutes, drug addicts and the homeless populations. 


As he became older, he strategized ways that he could give back and improve his community. His MOTHER WAS AN AVID BAKER and he enjoyed the sweets that his mom baked. Afterwards hE BEGan GETTING IN THE KITCHEN AND baking HANDS ON. 

This was when Lil Reggie got his first mixer and developed his first cookie, which was chocolate chip.


 One day he decided to combine his passion for baking cookies and witnessing, hence Lil Reggie Cookies was born. reggie and his family worked hard to develop
the business so it could take off.

Lil Reggie's parents greatly supported him in every part of his business journey to the point where they eventually quit their full-time jobs.


Reggie's knowledge for baking fastly increased to the point where he crafted his own recipes.  

Lil Reggie working hard to develop new recipes 


iN 2021, HE PURCHASED HIS LLC. Shortly after that, his father invested into getting a commercial kitchen space for him. lil reggie finally felt it was time for others to taste test. He started taking cookies to family gatherings, parties, and more. eVERYONE APPROVED AND THE FEEDBACK WAS POSITIVE.

Lil Reggie with his father in the commercial kitchen baking cookies


Reggie finally decided to step out and start doing pop up events. he gained a following rapidly. The more he progressed, the more events he would do. his strategy was to keep prices affordable, use organic ingredients, and use social media to attract customers. 

This is the first pop up Lil Reggie did. It was a neighborhood yard sale


This was the staff that helped Li Reggie have a successful grand opening

One day lil reggie met this woman named vicky. Vicky owned a restaurant and She allowed me to use her business kitchen space and have my first grand opening. This event was a significant part of our story. WE GAINED SO MUCH NEW CUSTOMERS FROM OUR GRAND OPENING AND MET SO MANY PEOPLE.


aFTER GRAND OPENING, WE RAN INTO SOME CIRCUMSTANCES OUT OF OUR CONTROL WHICH CAUSED US TO DEPART FROM HER STOREFRONT. From that point, we decided to keep our heads up and focus on marketing and ways to get our own storefront. 


Sketch Arrow Down_edited.png

This is Lil Reggie with a cool customer at The Raleigh Market


Lil Reggie Cookies now has its first storefront and will be opening soon and shipping available. currently you can have cookies delivered, catered, or purchased at the raleigh market or our commercial kitchen.

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